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Meeting Spring 2009

welcome to my little homepage,

feel free to look around - you´ll not find very much information anyway, except some hints about me and a few photos...


note: the guy on the picture above is not me. i do´nt know who he is... the picture was already within this homepage-builder and i´m totally incopetent in html and web-programming - so i´m not able to change this picture...  but he looks funny, so it doesn´t duisturb me

to my brothers and sisters from the IOT:

if it is your will to visit the german section meeting in may 2009 please contact


to get further information and the invitation-flyer


the meeting will take place form may 7th to 10th  - somewhere between the airports of hamburg and hannover - of course we will manage to pick you up from there or a railway station.

HauptseiteÜber michFotosBevorzugte LinksKontaktieren Sie mich